Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? IoI
Dec 21, 2017 | Marketing

Right now, as you read this, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), digitally-driven supply chains, 3-D printing and more are driving change at an increasing pace. These trends are even blurring the lines between traditional physical,...Read More 

New B2B trend - convert leads to customers
Oct 29, 2017 | Marketing

Business-to-Business marketing focus shifted gears in 2017, reversing prior trends. Even as B2B marketing and sales has taken on more of a highly focused account-based execution, companies now express more interest and energy in converting leads to customers. This trend represents a major change from...Read More 

Brands, brand, millennials, boomers
Aug 24, 2017 | Marketing

What does the future hold for brands? With millions of dollars being spent on brand campaigns, this represents a critical question. Few would argue that for brand development, times are changing. For marketers, there exist two critical times of major change. These are perhaps, at the moment, underestimated....Read More 

Healthcare Marketing that works
Jul 5, 2017 | Marketing

Firing up your strategic planning and budgeting for 2018 for your hospital or clinic? (or just starting up a new fiscal year). Here are five critical healthcare marketing considerations to think about: Truly patient-centered strategies win. The one-to-one engagement with a medical provider and prospective...Read More 

Jan 28, 2013 | Marketing

Once a prominent executive asked me: “What is it exactly that people do in public relations?” Having been asked this question hundreds of times, I replied: “Just like a company’s brand and reputation, every corporation has public relations whether they want it or not. The only question is whether...Read More 

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