MEK Case Studies

Successful brand development represents a much broader process…

than the creation of logos, but ultimate logo creative development does pack a critical punch in effectively telling your story.

From hospitals and healthcare to technology and tech parks and more, MEK has produced a variety of award-winning visual brand elements and logos. Read more 

Building a High-Tech Brand in the Middle of Nowhere

WestGate Tech ParkScoring $15 million in development funding. Positioning the park with a Governor and two Lt. Governors. Developing a national name, logo and brand. Building a vision through national and statewide media relations.

“MEK puts wheels on initiatives,” said one executive with a local economic development agency. When MEK started (initially with Daviess County), what is today a multi-use facility with more than a quarter of million sq. ft. of all-new commercial buildings was then nothing but soybean and corn fields with little to no infrastructure.
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