Cobblers, MEK and “Die Kinder des Schusters haben”

Published on: May 7, 2015 by Michael SnyderNo comments

Die Kinder des Schusters haben die schlechtesten Schuhe.

Blog_CobblerOr, as it was rendered in 1546, “But who is wurs shod, then the shoemakers wife, with shops full of newe shapen shoes all hir lufe?”

So, where is the MEK web site and what does this have to do with cobbler shoes? Well, MEK is growing, and last year we thought, “We have GOT to update our Web site.” So sooner than we started mapping things out, a client rush Web project came up, Jasper
so we brought in Rare Bird as a partner and nailed it in record time.

Back to MEK and our own site, we promptly fell into the mobile design Leporidae mammal (rabbit) hole, and slowly started tinkering, so the obvious solution was to blow the whole thing up. Which we did.

So as we pick up pieces from the digital debris field, more ideas come on. So instead of building it on a development site, we started building it out on the public. Which also is obvious.

So, progress is underway. And we grow impatient, as we continue to develop new Web properties for our clients, but alas, our own site falls into the cobbler’s kids shoes, as in lack thereof.

So if you’re looking for info about MEK, it is coming. And coming soon, one way or another.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in what we’re doing and/or what we’re capable of, you’re welcome to do things the old fashioned way and contact us directly. We’re at 317-805-4870, or e-mail mike@themekgroup.com We welcome the opportunity to talk and let you know what we’re up to.

Meanwhile, fortuna favet fortibus!

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