About Our Team

MEK was created to deliver dedicated high-impact services. In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, success requires a different mindset. With an experienced core team, MEK draws on a scalable network of high-energy professionals to build brands, change minds and break through clutter. Here’s the core MEK who makes great things happen.

Mike Snyder

Michael Snyder

President/Managing Principal

When he’s not obsessed with strategy and how to execute it, Michael reads. A lot. Mostly business and history (with a healthy dose of technology), but whenever a new volume in the Sci-Fi Foreigner series comes out, he’s hard to find.

Jamie Snyder

Jamie Snyder

Vice President

A passionate champion of historic preservation, Jamie probably would have been an architect in another life. Her creative depth packs a lot of punch in shaping client campaigns. And by the way, she’s our resident client champion.

Tim Meyers

Tim Meyers

Creative Director

Great ideas require great design to punch through clutter, and Tim boxes in the creative heavy-weight class. A wide-ranging spectrum of music and movies spurs his creative muse, and Tim is another MEK bookaholic, particularly in the audio dimension.

Nicole Amsler

Nicole Amsler

Marketing and Content Strategist

Clarity and depth are the bywords of MEK’s all-star wordsmith. Nicole regularly tackles a broad range of topics in content development — from technology to healthcare — with equal ease, and her formidable digital marketing chops serve MEK clients well. As one might expect, writing novels is a Nicole passion. That folds in nicely with her family travels and, of course, her appetite for great works of fiction.

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