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Marketing. Engagement. Knowledge.  A powerhouse spectrum.

From 21st century marketing, brand development, PR and advertising to advocacy and economic development consulting/public-private partnerships, MEK remains relentless in its quest for great client outcomes.

How do we do this? At MEK, we break through the clutter. We change perceptions. We defend and expand market share. We help strategically invite your customers, your audience, to be rewarded by your products and services. MEK-supported brands stand out.

A quarter of a century ago people were hammered with the 4 “P’s” of marketing: product, price, placement and promotion.  Today it’s more like relevancy, trust, credibility and relationship, with disruptive and engagement tossed in. Have all those attributes? You’ve got a Big Idea waiting to come out. Be memorable – for the right reasons.

Tap the power of MEK brand development. Let MEK help position and reward. Contact us today!

Strategic Marketing, Consulting, & Engagement for Business to Business